This is a mindset coaching service for men who are having a tough time going through a breakup and the aftermath. It is designed to bring about catalytic process, support and strategy to your painful circumstances so that it can be dealt with head on.

My intention is to help you get through this hard time and make you stronger than before.

This service is designed specifically for men by a man. It can take months or years (depending on the individual) to get over your ex-partner and the suffering that goes along with this can all too often be intolerable. We are weakened by the hurt and anger that results and the consequences can be dire in our lives and in our relationships with friends, family, at work, with other women, with complete strangers within our community and beyond. And, this is why it is so important to have a structured, logical and rational strategy and support network and service to make sure that we do not endure this time of grief for any longer than we have to so that we can recover quicker and get back to leading a life with purpose and be happier again and do the right thing.

My Story


Founder / Head Coach

After 5 significant breakups (short and long term relationships) I had been through a considerable amount of unnecessary pain and suffering that ruined my goals and ambitions for the culmination of many years and led me into some extremely bad habits and extremely negative thinking.

I am lucky to be alive today.

I sought help from family and friends, professionals, books and other content on the web and although I am grateful to them and the insights that I learnt the process was long,


I tried to get with other women to get over ‘the one’ – or should I say the repeated ‘one’ but this didn’t really help.

I even turned to drugs and alcohol and got into some sticky situations, which, of course, did not help.

I was bringing my suffering onto other people, especially my family and friends, my work deteriorated drastically, I lost my job and my dating life was troublesome to say the least. I was treading on dangerous ground.

Basically, I was a mess. That’s putting it lightly. I was a ‘good guy’ but my actions were not aligned with my values and I was becoming worse and turning bad.

I had an opportunity and I took it. I got out of my life situation, studied hard and took action. I continued my fascination with psychology, spirituality, music and culture whilst on the road and it was then that I decided to be trained by the co-founder of NLP, be trained in Hypnosis and then Generative Coaching.

I then decided to dedicate my time between writing a book and creating a service to help men through breakups and post-relationship recovery, my music project and my job.

Sometimes you can know how to help others but you don’t help yourself; sometimes helping others is the only way to help your self.

And this is what this coaching service is all about. By having the right support and specific process adapted to you personally, you can get through all the pain and suffering A LOT QUICKER.

And time is the only thing that we have. We will not be here forever and we might as well be resilient, seek help when we have to, shorten periods of suffering and do the right thing.



PAIN RELIEF : Use of specific procedures will process and reduce emotional pain.


DEEP LEVEL CHANGE : This is not just about surface structure strategy and action taking. We will go deep inside and work with your unconscious mind to bring about significant transformation to you at your core changing bad habits and reactions for a more positive attitude, peace and constructive behaviours.


STRUCTURE & STRATEGY :  A bespoke timeline and structured plan will be created, which will quicken the grieving process and keep you on track to getting back to being your ‘normal’ self again and beyond.


SUPPORT : You will have the support of a coach who has a deep understanding and experience of going through breakups. We also have a community here so that you can reach out to others going through or who have gone through the same hard times.


ACCOUNTABILITY : By being in a coaching program you and I will monitor your behaviour and be accountable for your action or inaction and so keeping you on track to a positive outcome.


HONESTY : It is one of the best policies for change so we can confront issues head on and so eliminate any time wasting.

Our Services

Ask any questions or express any concerns about your current breakup situation and I will advise you on what steps to take.

1 on 1 online coaching session via Skype. We get to know you and we work out a plan specifically for you. Use of NLP, Hypnotic and Generative Coaching Technique.

In Person Breakthrough Session: Intensive 1 on 1 in person 2-3 hour Breakthrough Session utilising Hypnotherapy, Generative Coaching and NLP technique.

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